Dissecting music through the lens of a millennial.

I created this site to dissect song lyrics from famous artists. Music is an outlet for self expression and emotion. I see it as a “magnet”, bringing people together. Even when you may not relate to someone else in other aspects, music is a way to connect.  As a musician myself, the work devoted to making music can be difficult but incredibly rewarding. Music comes from the heart, soul, and mind.

From rap to classic rock, I will be reviewing music from famous artists and breaking down the meaning of the song from my own perspective. I believe that each song is created to communicate a message. You may have a favourite song at the moment that you like to listen to, yet have no clue what it actually interprets. And so, I will be breaking down songs from lyric to lyric, concluding my own version of the song’s themes. 

Shoot me a message or an email for any song requests or inquiries!

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